Cat Gunner Super Force v1.5.0 [MOD] Download

Name: Cat Gunner: Super Force
Version: 1.5.0
Root: No

A strange meteor falls on cat planet, resulting in a deadly outbreak. Many cats are turned into zombies, mindlessly attacking each other. The world now desperately needs defenders with big guns!

Cat Gunner Super Force is founded to save the planet amidst countless hurdles… Are you ready to blow up zombies with us?

From Day137, the studio that developed Galaxy Gunner & Robo Avenger.

The game is perfect except for these few issues 1. Make it so, when I pause, I see my objectives. 2. Make it that, in the settings, you can change and edit your buttons on your game, because, when deep in battle, I try to change my gun. But, 9 times out of 10, I miss, and I’ve played this game for over 20 hours roughly. Make the edit on a grid, each square being about 1 centimeter. Roughly.


Install Steps:

Credits: ?
Playstore Link:
Download Link: Upload4earn – Free Upload Files & Earn Money
Download Mirror: Download Cat%5FGunner apk

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