POE Tarpan’s Dancing Duo Juggernaut BUILD Preview [Path Of Exile]

Welcome to build [Tarpan's Dancing Duo Juggernaut]of the week in this series we showcase compelling builds created by members of the path of Exile community. This week's juggernaut build doesn't do much direct killing, instead it takes a more supportive role for the two minions at manifests. It does this by using the fated version… Read More »

Ranger – Zerphi Poet VD – Easiest Uber Elder build – Twinned kill – 20000+ life recovery per sec [Path of Exile]

About the build Poet's Pen + Volatile Dead combo is one of the most mainstream meta builds since it came out, but my build's main focus is defense. Two broad approaches to bossing is damage rush or steady tanking, with the first you focus on highest DPS finishing the fight as quick as possible, you… Read More »