Path Of Exile TOOLS – Compilation

Path Of Exile TOOLS - Will make your life easier. Many veteran POE players use this tools and will greatly help your game-play. POE TOOLS: Path of Building (Theory crafting and build damage calculation): PoE Trade Macro (Check item prices in game): Lab Compas (Labyrinth Map based on current layout): Mercury Trade (Easy trading, preset replies and popup of… Read More »

POE – ExileRoutine v99

Download ExileRoutine - An Advanced Combat Routine For Exilebuddy Have you heard about ExileBuddy? It is a bot use for Place of Exile, well heading back to ExileRoutine. It is a modified version of EB "Exilebuddy" and been enhanced to improve the performance of combat routine. All credits goes to - Naut @ DOWNLOAD LINKS: ExileRoutine… Read More »