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Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round User Reviews over the net: Compiled

Fast paced action, intuitive controls, beautiful interactive stages and a great character cast. Some of the chicks really look stunning. Pretty happy with this one so far.


Overall, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is the definitive version of a last gen game. Visually, it still looks great; however, it's still based on a last gen game. A new DoA running on current gen consoles with higher resolution textures can't come too soon, but for now, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is satisfactory.


Amazing !!! one of the best fighting games are back in the next generation of consoles it awesome please bring virtual fighter back too i love these fighting games.


Truly a beautiful game and one of the best fighters I have played in a long time! Please don't come into DOA 5: Last Round expecting a deep story, this is a fighter, and a damn good one. Graphics are beautiful and work flawlessly on the PS4. For the price you honestly can't go wrong! Pick this up you won't regret it!


+ The best animations by far, of any fighting game
+ Truly unique style for every fighter (very different from Mortal Kombat, where they all look and fight the same)
+ No insane super-ultra-mega-combo-deluxe ultra moves like Street Fighter series. DOA is perfectly balanced from beginner (+200 moves / each character) to pro (near endless combo-chains).
+ Perfectly balanced game speed (unlike the slow Soul Caliber or UFC, or the too fast / choppy KoF)

If they're even going to do a part six, put some attention in the environment too please (because they still look Dreamcast-ish) and bring back those stunning end CGI videos (DOA3 / DOA4) but otherwise.. perfect!


Quite possibly the strongest fighter on next-gen consoles so far, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round oozes style and fluidity whilst retaining the tight core gameplay that makes the series so damn good to begin with. With the most characters, costumes and modes of any Dead or Alive game so far, there's a lot to get stuck into, even if some of the new content is a disappointment when considering what it could be.


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