• Version V.1.5.0
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  • Create Date November 16, 2018


Trainer options
F1 - Activate Trainer
F2 - Infinite Political Power
F3 - Infinite National Unity
F4 - Infinite Convoys
F5 - Infinite ManPower
F6 - Infinite Nukes
F7 - Infinite Army Experience
F8 - Infinite Navy Experience
F9 - Infinite Air Experience
F10 - Fast National Focus
F11 - Infinite Stored Supplies
F12 - Fast Construction
Numpad 1 - Fast Research
Numpad 2 - Fast Recruiting
Numpad 3 - Super Production
Numpad 4 - Super Factories Limit
Numpad 5 - Instant Movement
Numpad 6 - God Mode / Infinite Organization
Numpad 7 - Super Resources
Numpad 8 - Low Occupation Resistance
Numpad 9 - Instant War Goal
Numpad 0 - Change Country

To change a country first activate trainer then select the country you want on the map then press the hotkey
Stored supplies will set the things under Logistics to 1.5million, You must have a production of the required supplies such as tanks or equipment.

Trainer Notes: After downloading open it with any compression program. Check the game version first before using the tool in-order for the trainer to work. Please Remember: Trainers are designed or created to work properly on the same version of the game, although some will work on different version. We strongly recommend to run the trainers on the same version of the game.

Hearts of Iron 4: Trainer +22 v.1.5.0 {MrAntiFun}

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