• Version V4.0.0.0034 (STEAM+GOG 12.14.2018)
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  • Create Date December 15, 2018
PILLARS OF ETERNITY 2 DEADFIRE - TRAINER +27 V4.0.0.0034 (STEAM+GOG 12.14.2018) -> Trainer Notes: After downloading open it with any compression program. Check the game version first before using the tool in-order for the trainer to work. Please Remember: Trainers are designed or created to work properly on the same version of the game, although some will work on different version. We strongly recommend to run the trainers on the same version of the game.
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Activating this trainer:
Press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options:NumPad1: Infinite Health
NumPad2: One Hit Kills
NumPad3: Change Gold By 250
NumPad4: Reveal Fog Of War
NumPad5: Free Crafting
NumPad6: Freeze Time
NumPad7: Reveal Points Of Interest
NumPad8: Kill All Enemies
NumPad9: Refill All Ship Supplies
NumPad0: Unlock All Objects On Map
NumPad/: Unlock All Achievements
NumPad*: Stealth Mode
NumPad-: Maximum Reputation
NumPad+: Change EXP By 250
NumPad.: Reveal World Map Fog Of War
Page UP: Disable Random Encounter
Page Down: Maximum Dispositions
Insert: Super Speed
Home: No Ability Cooldown
End: Unlimited Level Ups / Ability Points
F1: No Spell Limits
F2: Perfect Companion Relationships
F3: Perfect Player Relationships
F4: Infinite Ship Hull & Sail Health

Editor Options:
Misc: Gold
Selected Character


One Hit Kills: While active all non party members on the current map have low health. Not recommended to use it while being in a city.

Gold: Open your inventory first.

Reveal Fog Of War: Press hotkey and the fog of war is revealed.

Reveal Points Of Interest: Press hotkey and your party has discovered all points of interest such as traps.

Kill All Enemies: Press hotkey to kill all enemies on the current level. This does NOT include friendly NPCs.

Refill Ship Supplies: Press hotkey to refill your ship supplies such as ammo, medicine, etc.

Unlock All Objects On Current Map: Press hotkey to unlock all locked objects on current map such as chests.

Unlock All Achievements: While active open your ingame menu and click on achievements.

Stealth Mode: While active your party is invisible to enemies.

Freeze Time: While active the time will not advance.

Maximum Reputation: Open your reputation screen first and press hotkey. Close and reopen to see changes. Please note that reputation has an impact on many things in the game. If you don't want risk anything use the editor to change a specific reputation only.

Maximum Dispositions: Open your reputation screen first and press hotkey. Close and reopen to see changes.

Selected Character: Open status screen where the character's EXP is shown. Press hotkey or use editor. Close and open the screen again to see changes.

Disable Random Encounter: Whilea active random encounters are disabled.

Unlimited Level Ups / Ability Points: While active you can level up your characters all the time. This way you can also learn all class abilities.

Perfect Companion / Player Relationships: While active open the reputation screen of the character to set his relationships to a perfect status. You can change the value the trainer sets to the reputations by changing
the editor values. But before you can modify the value you have to enable the cheats. Works only if there has been a relationship at all between the characters.

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