RimWorld V1.0.2059 64Bit Trainer +14

  • Version 1.0.2059
  • Download 105
  • File Size 724.65 KB
  • Create Date October 25, 2018

Options :

  1. Max Mood
  2. Max Food
  3. Max Rest
  4. Max Joy
  5. Max Beauty
  6. Max Outdoors
  7. Max Comfort
  8. Max Skills
  9. Colonist Age 25
  10. Heal Injuries
  11. Instant Construction
  12. Max Research
  13. Inf.Battery Energy
  14. Selected Resource Set to 999


  • First start game world and pass a bit of time then activate trainer and first 7 cheats ,Colonist Age 25 Cheat ,Heal Injuries Cheat and Max Research Cheat.
  • First click on a colonist then click on Bio to show Colonist skills then activate Max Skills cheat.
  • First build something and once your colonist start working on it activate Instant Construction Cheats.
  • First build a Battery then activate Battery Energy cheat.
  • First select a resource on the ground like Cobber or anything stack-able then activate "Selected Resource Set to 999" Cheat.

After downloading open RimWorld V1.0.2059 64Bit Trainer with any compression program.

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