• Version V1.7.22557
  • Download 11
  • File Size 5.33 MB
  • Create Date October 31, 2018

After downloading TWO POINT HOSPITAL TRAINER +22 V1.7.22557 open it with any compression program.

Check the game version first before downloading in order for the trainer to work.


Activating this trainer:
Press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey.All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options:
NumPad1: Change Money By 50000
NumPad2: Happy Employees
NumPad3: Infinite Energy For Employees
NumPad4: Change Selected Staff XP By 50
NumPad5: Change Selected Staff Rank By 1
NumPad6: Change Selected Staff Speed By 1
NumPad7: No Hunger
NumPad8: No Thirst
NumPad9: No Toilet Need
NumPad0: Perfect Hygenie
NumPad/: Super Speed
NumPad*: Perfect Maintenance Status Of Selected Item
NumPad-: Change Kudos By 50
NumPad+: Hospital Level Multiplier
NumPad.: Instant Research
Page UP: Instant Upgrade
Page Down: Cure Is Always Successful
Insert: Diagnose Is Always Succesful
Home: Infinite Patient Health
End: Instant Staff Training
F1: No Bored
F2: Happy Staff / Patients

Editor Options:
Misc: Money
Selected Staff: Max Speed Multiplier
Selected Staff: XP
Selected Staff: Rank
Selected Staff: Salary
Hospital: Kudos
Hospital: Total Shares
Modifier: Hospital Level Multiplier


Money: Click on 'Rooms' first, then press hotkey. Money value will not change until you get/spend money.

Energy For Employees: Cheat takes effect once in a while so keep the game running to see an effect.

No Hunger / Toilet / Hygenie / Thirst: You will have to wait until the game changes the value before you see the effect of this cheat.

Selected Staff: Mouse HOVER the staff until the tooltip appears. Wait a second or two and press hotkeys or use editor.

Perfect Maintenance Status Of Selected Item: While active click on the room item.

Hospital Level Multiplier: While active your hospital level grows 4x as fast. You can change the multiplier by changing the editor item value.

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