Dragon Nest M for Android! Download Modded Version!

Dragon Nest M MOD Download!

Nice game! Maybe because good graphics, good game play, nice controls, etc. have you ever wonder why i only said good? Maybe because that was not enough. yes you read it right, so many things are missing from the first game on pc. now let me give some we want. example: the bronze,silver, and gold currency, the many skills to equip at the same time, the trading process and the big map that i became lost once, the every level prices not ‘pandora’s box or heart and seeds what ever you call it or any thing and the most amazing gaming experience that i only felt in the pc version i also want that to be in this mobile version cause if not then you can’t call this game “Dragon Nest ‘M” that’s all.

This game is AWSOME, it is so different from other mobile mmorpg. The only problem playing this game for me is that I can’t use my character on different servers. So every time I play with my friend I or he/she must create a new character, and this made the gameplay much more hard as you need to do the same thing again and again. Please change this, by linking our used character to all the server, we can play this game with our fullest potential with our friends.

If you want the modded version. Download below!


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