Get Battlefield 1 Incrusions for Free [METHOD]

A short method on how to get Battlefield 1 Incrusions  for free. Please see the method below.

Warning: Battlefield 1 Increments is a 10-player mode on cards
official smaller and it’s like it’s an E-Sport mode at The Six Siege




Battlefield 1 Incrusions for Free METHOD:

  • You must own origin (google is your friend)and An account Origin
  • Go to the Free Games section you will find Battlefield 1 demo of 10h
  • Take this trial version to download the Attention yes the game is a 79 gb
  • Launch the Demo Go in Option You’ll see in the Battlefield 1 Incrusions icons click on it.
  • Register and apply the contract
  • Congratulations You have Battlefield 1 Incrusions in your Origin library
  • Good games!

Special Notes:

  • This method works for now but we cannot assure it will last long. It can be patched anytime.

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