New [3.4] Lazy Boy : Zoo Party Budget Build ( Arc, Herald of Purity, Alot of minion)

Hi guys, this build s all about  Arc, Herald of Purity & A lot of minion. The video link below will explain everything.

Core ability

1. ARC
2. Herald of Purity
3. Vaal summon Skeleton

– Very cheap and fun to play
– Build complete at level 20
– Lazy boy no aim one handed
– 90% PHY mitigation (with 4 endurance charge)
– A lot of minion up to 50+
– decent damage
– auto cast everything
– tier 14-15 easy, Uber Lab
– High HP-DEF possible max block at endgame

– Fat
– Blood magic mod will slow you down
– Elemental reflect have some problem (Fix if you have high magic block but expensive)
– NOT 1 million damage build

Path of building

thank you for watching

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