Path of Exile Best Maps [Guide + Tips]

What’s up guys! I’m going to reveal the five tips to help you with mapping in Path of Exile. POE maps range difficulty with the tier system from 1 to 15 from tier 1 being the easiest and naturally tier 15 the most dangerous. The tier increases the level of monsters by 1 & start at level 68 becomes more rare as progress higher in tiers.

GUIDE & Tips:

Tip #1 – Rolling your maps –  for the first few tiers of maps it is not necessary to use crafting materials like orbs of transmutation or alteration orbs but if you’d like, you could put some magical properties on them but it is not necessary at all. Once you begin doing maps that are tier 4 and higher you can’t begin to roll your maps with orbs of alteration and augmentations to get pack size. Pack size will increase the amount of mobs on the map increasing your experience gained and chances of more maps dropping.

Tip #2 – don’t be afraid to buy Maps. Buying maps to gain access to higher tiers is essentially the same thing as rolling lower tier Maps for pack size, as you’re just trying to get more maps you could use POE Trade and find maps of all tiers for sale. You can also ask other players in the game to sell you low tier maps in bulk & keep in mind that when purchasing maps their values will change throughout the course of a league often they’re higher in value at the beginning of the league and lower at the end.

Tip #3 – sell the tiers of your Maps you are no longer running. Once you begin mapping you will quickly build up a large collection of low tier maps & by the time you start to run to your 7 and 9  Tier Maps. You will most likely have a stash tab full of low tier maps. This ties directly into the previous tip because people tend to forget that easily as you could buy maps & you can sell them to other young Exile’s.

Tip #4 – learn the tile sets as you play a wide variety of maps, you’ll begin to see some are much faster to run than others. The level of difficulty or mechanics of the boss or the layout of the map in general. The maps that you find to be favorable, you can keep for yourself or sell them to other players as people only like to buy the ones that are easy to run. The maps you find to be not so enjoyable you could just trade them up with the vendor recipe. There may be some exceptions to this because of divination card drops.

Tip #5 – kill the bosses. Bosses of maps have a higher chance to drop maps. They are only mobs that could drop maps two tiers higher than the map you are in. Be careful with map bosses as they could be pretty dangerous at times bosses worth mentioning are the dungeon boss, torture chamber boss, the shock and destructive horror boss and the boss in Jungle Valley the infamous chaos ‘EK’ spider that has scarred so many people.

Those are the tips that I have for new players while mapping a path of exile. Now you could stack up Path of Exile Best Maps & enhance path of exile map drops.

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