Path of Exile Build – Arc Inquisitor (Uber Atziri) Gem Setup + Gear

This Path of Exile Arc build (Self Cast Arc) is balance & powerful as it can clear & kill every monsters in the game easily. It is also a Shaper-killer at a much lower & cheap gear level and can eliminate a Shaper in no time with better items or gear. I will just post the gem setup & gear only. You can change the gear you want as long as the stats are similar.

Arc Inquisitor

Sample Character Profile
Credit to: Havel_of_Anor_Londo

Can be Achieved:

  • up to 7K life
  • Freezes plus chain-explodes most enemies
  • Can generates all charges
  • 30+% block chance
  • Good & decent mana regeneration and heavy mana leech

Recommended GEAR: For Maximum Damage, Life, Resistance & Defense.


Body Armour (Main Skill) – 6 Linked
  • (Vaal) Arc
  • Empower Support
  • Lightning Damage
  • Increased Critical Strike
  • Controlled Destruction
  • Spell Echo Support

Auras – Increase Crazy amount of Damage

  • Wrath
  • Herald of Thunder
  • Enlighten

Cast When Damage Taken Gem Setup

  • Cast When Damage Taken
  • Assassin’s Mark
  • Phase Run
  • Summon Lightning Golem

Movement Skill

  • Shield Charge
  • Faster Attack Support
  • Fortify Support

Skill Tree

NOTE: For better setup, you can mod your items to upgrade or enhance it better. Try also to experiment other gear setup to meet your game play needs. Other ideas or opinions? you can comment bellow.

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