Path of Exile – Get The Baron & Queen’s Decree Easily!

If your planning to build a Necromancer in Path of Exile then you must acquire this two important items.

The Baron 

The item only requires level 26 character, maximum sockets of 4, 20% increased HP of your minions and features a +2 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems. It also adds 1 zombies per 300 strength and Damage dealt by your Zombies is Leeched to you as Life.

How to get The Baron?

  1. You can Chance it. “Close Helmet”.
  2. Map Drops (Dungeon & Any map). You must equip an item with this option “increased Rarity of Items found”. Increase the percentage as possible.


Queen’s Decree

One of the most important item & recommended for the build of Necromancer. The Queen’s Decree grants Minions 10-15 % increased maximum Life & 150-200 % increased Skeleton Duration.
It also make Minions deal 10-15 % increased Damage, +1 to maximum number of Zombies, +1 to maximum number of Skeletons, +1 to maximum number of Spectres.

How to get the Item?

  1. Prophecy reward – The Misunderstood Queen.
  2. Divination card – The Gentleman, Atziri’s Arsenal & Jack in the Box.

Divination Hunting

  1. The Gentleman – Ghetto, The Grain Gate, The Sarn Ramparts, The Slums.
  2. Atziri’s Arsenal – Spider Lair, Vaults of Atziri.
  3. Jack in the Box – Arsenal, Ghetto, Port, Promenade, The Grain Gate, The Grand Promenade, The Harbour Bridge, The Imperial Fields, The Lunaris Concourse, The Quay, The Sarn Ramparts.


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