Path Of Exile – Null’s Agony – Another Agony Crawler Necro BUILD

With the new Herald of Agony in 3.4, and my love for weird, and/or poison builds, I knew I had to put something interesting together for this league. I like to try to make underused items (Null’s Inclination) useful, and I figured I’d try to pair this with HoAg to get a fast, safe clearing result, so here’s what I came up with.

Note: I have almost 5000 hours in this game, but have never made a Summoner/Minion build, so there are probably some things I missed. Don’t be afraid to let me know!

CREDIT TO Boomdog83 from path of exile forum.

Path Of Exile BUILD INFO:

– Very safe mapper
– Relatively fast (A-)
– Can run all map mods* (See Playstyle)
– Has cleared All content
– Decent at delve (depth 300+)

– Not the best bosser
– Playstyle takes some getting used to
– Specific gearing needs

BUILD Mechanics:

- Agony Crawler from Herald of Agony: You'll need to do your best to keep it as close to 40 stacks of virulence as possible at all times to achieve maximum damage. To do this, you'll need attack speed, chance to poison, and lots of hits.

Null’s Inclination: This is the “twist” of the build, and will constantly generate SRS while mapping, as well as keep Flesh Offering up at all times (more on this later). At the time of posting, I’m the highest level Null’s Build in Delve (nevermind that there are only 5 of us…

Dexterity Scaling: I decided to throw another curveball at this build and go the Dex scaling route. This opens up a few interesting gearing options and helps with mitigate some other issues you’d normally come across.


Defense/Survivability: This build stacks Evasion, Blind, Spell Dodge, Regen, Life Gain on Hit, Arctic Armor, and Range behind meatshields to stay safe.

Brings us to a total 83 LGoH.


Unlike many minion builds, this build requires you to actively attack your targets. Since you’re not doing any damage yourself, your main objective is to “paint” the target/direction of targets you’d like your Crawler to hit.

You’ll want to keep some distance from your target, and shoot just past them with Tornado Shot, or right at them with Barrage. You generally want to try to position yourself so that the Crawler is either behind you shooting past you, or right in front of/next to you shooting away from you. You don’t usually want to find yourself in the position of having a monster between you and the Crawler but it certainly does happen.

In packs, the Life Gain on Hit will feel like old Vaal Pact, but it can become an issue against a single target. You’ll want to try to make sure whatever you’re fighting is Blinded, either via your Stibnite flask, or a Blind on Hit Minion jewel (or both). You can use your Sulphur flask to create Consecrated Ground, and rely on your regen to fill in the gaps. Combining all of these and facetanking bosses often works out relatively well, especially if you have Vaal Grace up.

There will be times when the Crawler is poorly positioned, such as against a wall or through a doorway, and you’ll have to practice resetting it and managing it’s position while leveling to make sure it doesn’t get you killed. Occasionally it will get completely stuck (like down a ledge or across a gap) and you’ll have to get far enough away from it or let it despawn to get it back to you. Convocation might work in this case, but I don’t know if it works with the crawler, and I’m too stubborn to try it now.

Mana can be an issue in this build, my current gear level mitigates it almost entirely but you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re thinking about it throughout the leveling process. Mana gained on hit works great, – mana cost jewelry (since your attack is only a 4L), and clarity should mostly resolve the issue, but you might find yourself at 0 mana if there aren’t many monsters around and you’re shooting fast.

* For Mapping, the only mod I actively avoid is No Life or Mana Regeneration. It’s both scary to not regen life, since it’s a significant part of our defenses, and it’s also really annoying to have to swap in a mana flask to fill up your pool every once in a while. You can run Chance to Avoid Poison maps, but it’s a direct nerf to your damage. Other than that everything is runnable, including both reflects, and no leech.

– Paint targets
– Manage Crawler position
– Keep an eye on Mana issues
– Avoid No Regen maps, be wary of Chance to Avoid Poison


Item Info
Null’s allows us to generate 5L Raging Spirits to help with clear, CC, and defense while mapping. The key thing to note here is that you’ll have to get the last hit with this bow (POISON DOES NOT COUNT) in order to actually trigger the socketed gems. (Jump down to the Helmet section to see how we enable this). While clearing, you should be getting the last hit about 75% of the time, more than enough to keep up 20 Spritis, and permanent Flesh Offering. Flesh Offering is the 6th socket in this setup, and I believe the best option, as a 6L SRS isn’t necessary and the QoL from flesh offering for you (at 50% from Ascendancy) and your Crawler is huge. Null’s also gives us 100% minion damage with 1k Dex, which is a little added bonus.

Item Info
This helmet basically enables the Null’s portion of the build. It prevents minions from killing anything unless it’s ignited, allowing you to get the last hit, and triggering the gems socketed in Null’s. Even without that interaction, I still believe it’s BiS for this build due to the Dex scaling. You and your minions get 40% attack speed, and your minions get 40% movement speed. This essentially eliminates the need for the Minion Speed support, and also gives us a huge attack speed buff, allowing for more Poisons and more LGoH. The only downside here is not many people enchant this helmet, and as you can see, I still don’t have a useful enchant. Ideally, you would want reduced Herald of Agony or Vitality mana reservation. Both work equally well. The 2 additional projectiles for the Crawler would be a decent 2nd place option, but it’s not necessary and won’t help much where it’s needed (bosses).

Item Info
Standard Dex scaling gloves, BiS, really no alternative. These give us 250 flat life with 1k Dex, as well as some other useful stats since our other attributes aren’t so bad either. Try to get the Vulnerability on Hit corruption if possible, but it’s definitely not necessary.

Item Info
Again, standard Dex scaling boots. These are BiS in my opinion, since they give 30MS, some regen, 100 life, and immunity to elemental ground effects. You could probably craft a pair of rare boots to rival these, but I’m not sure it would be worth the investment. Regen enchantment is best for this build, dodge is a close second.

Item Info
Dex scaling status quo again, this belt is BiS for me. You cannot be frozen, and with proper attribute management (really not much work), you cannot be shocked. As well as having a healthy portion of life, the 15% increased attributes is perfect for the build. Once again, you could probably craft something similar, but losing out on the status immunity doesn’t seem worth the minimal gain you might be able to get.

Item Info
Sort of non-standard for Dex scaling (Wildwrap is the norm), this chest offers some serious defensive stats, as well as another decent % Dex boost. Combined with Vaal Grace, you’ll be at 64+ spell dodge, and close to 50% chance to evade with everything included. I have considered trying to replace this chest with a crazy rare, but as before, I’m not sure the difference would make up for Phase Acro and free Arctic Armor. +1 gems would be amazing here, unfortunately there are no +2 gems options that would work for HoAg.

Item Info
This is the ideal Watcher’s Eye for this build, as it helps alleviate mana issues and gives us 50% more LGoH for our Virulence attack. Regen Rate Vitality would be great but getting all 3 is not realistic.


Main 6L:
1) Herald of Agony (Try to get level 21, 40% inc attack speed, ~11% more damage)
2) Vile Toxins (enemies will always have >10 poisons, and lvl 21 gives 5% more damage)
3) Minion Damage
4) Vicious Projectiles
5) Pierce (helps with clear)
6) Maim

It’s still not 100% clear the exact phys/chaos ratio of the Agony Crawler (ZiggyD says 60/40 respectively in his video here: I think Maim would be outclassed by a level 4 empower or Damage on Full Life, but I’m not completely sure. Maim would probably also work well in a main attack 6L for bossing, with Empower in the Crawler, as you’d still get the extra phys taken bonus.

You could also probably replace Pierce when fighting bosses, but I haven’t fleshed out that idea yet. Depending on the amount of Chaos conversion, Void Manipulation could be a good support.

Also, the DPS difference for a lvl 21 HoAg vs lvl 20 is massive. Not only is it about an 11% increase in base phys, it’s also up to 40% increased attack speed, since you jump up 1% per Virulence. You also get a small damage buff, but that isn’t as significant. Further levels continue along the ~11% more damage path, but they won’t get the jump in attack speed.

Clear 5L:
1) SRS (would like lvl 21, but not necessary)
2) Vile Toxins
3) Minion Damage
4) Melee Physical Damage
5) Melee Splash (this is for clear)

Pretty typical here, with the addition of Vile Toxins which just works so well with this build. I might consider trying Animate Weapon here too.

Attack 4L:
1) Tornado Shot / Barrage (keep low level for mana cost)
2) Life Gain on Hit (21/20 or 20/23 preferred)
3) Poison (gets us to 80% chance to poison)
4) Greater Multiple Projectiles (quality important

This setup’s goal is to create as many poison stacks as possible. Tornado Shot works well as a blanket clear option, while Barrage is best for most bosses, since it hits single targets more consistently. LGoH is our best means of survival, as we don’t do any real damage to leech with. In packs (Delve) it’s very significant, but it definitely drops off in usefulness agains bosses, but we have other means to buff healing (Regen, Vitality Watcher’s Eye)

Vaal Grace 2L:
1) Vaal Grace
2) Increased Duration

This gives us 13.7 seconds of Vaal Grace with our Ascendancy, great for tough situations.

Other gems (Don’t need to be linked to anything):
Summon Stone Golem (Taunts, gives good regen)
Summon Holy Relic (Good regen while attacking)
Clarity (I keep it at lvl 1, you can level it a bit)
Arctic Armour (It’s Free!, don’t use if you don’t have The Perfect Form)
Blink Arrow

The Golem and Holy Relic can be swapped out for a CwDT setup (probably linked with Inc Dur), but I haven’t felt I’ve needed one yet, maybe for Delve 400+. Clarity can be useful for keeping up mana at higher levels, but I use it at level 1 with the – mana cost Watcher’s Eye.



I leveled to about 60 as Arc, but that was at league start when Tabulas and Quill Rains weren’t an option. I would start by heading to the good minion nodes by Templar. Then down towards the life wheel, and over to Shadow last. Have your dex conversion jewels ready once you start pathing to the next one, as you’ll not want to waste that potential Dex.

– Ideally, I would like a reduced reservation enchant on my helmet either for Vitality or Herald of Agony. That would let me drop Sovereignty and get some points back, most likely for life.

– I’ve considered dropping the Shadow area and going down into the Duelist start instead, but I haven’t found an outcome I really like, since you’d likely end up with fewer jewel sockets.

– If you can get absolutely crazy resist jewelry/jewels, you might not need to spend the points to get the jewel socket under the Scion. That was only worth it to me due to being next to 66 total resistance.


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