Path of Exile – Oni-Goroshi Lightning Strike Raider – Build + VIDEO GUIDE


Welcome to the guide Exile! With the release of the new Oni-Goroshi sword, made by supporter Charan, there were many different build ideas that flared up all over the PoE community, the main ones being based around Molten Strike and Infernal Blow! I wanted to try and do something a bit off-meta by making use of the recent visually updated Lightning Strike! With the addition of Ancestral Call, this skill has become much smoother to use and very fun to map with, even without any pierce!



Engineering Eternity [Original Author].

Now the main reason for all of the hype around the Oni-Goroshi sword is the fact that it has:

  1. A very high base critical strike chance: 8.5% – 9.5% Base
  2. Its base physical damage scales with your level. So you can use it right as you get out of the Twilight Strand all the way to the endgame!
  3. You gain 123% of sword physical damage added as fire damage, along with attack speed, movement speed & various immunities while you are under Her Embrace (gained when you ignite an enemy). However, this does apply a Fire Degeneration that deals roughly 11% of your Life per second in Fire damage at level 90. This can be easily countered with leech and/or life regeneration.
  4. It comes 6 linked!
  5. You can get it effectively free! It drops from Hillock in the Twilight Strand once you are over character level 7, meaning you have to farm Twilight Strand for a few hours. I have left a link in the video description on how to farm this sword effectively.

With the sword explained, let us get right into the build and how it performs!

Build Summary

This Lightning Strike Raider is a very fast and fun character. It can be operational on a budget, but is based around the Oni-Goroshi which requires either time for farming or can be purchased from other players.

Offensively, we are using the skill Lightning Strike, and more specifically, the projectile portion of Lightning Strike. Lightning Strike has two main parts to the skill: a melee attack and projectile attack, much like Molten Strike; However, unlike Molten Strike, single targets can only be struck by either the melee attack or one of the lightning projectiles. This means you cannot hit bosses with the melee attack AND the projectile attack within the same strike, nor can you overlap the projectiles. As we are making use of Point Blank for more projectile damage, this means that killing bosses can be a hassle for positioning them correctly to be struck by just the projectiles within close range, since multistrike will auto target them with the melee attack. This is really only an issue for highly mobile bosses. You can also gem swap into Blade Flurry (same socket colors) for easier and higher boss damage. This is really only required for endgame bosses, as map bosses can be defeated with an Ancestral Call Lightning Strike.

On top of Lightning Strike and the Oni-Goroshi benefits, we are performing full elemental conversion, meaning we can take full advantage of generic elemental scaling & penetration from the tree and items. Due to this, we also make use of Hatred and Herald of Ash to add more elemental damage from our base physical damage. Herald of Ash is also our source of base fire damage that allows us to apply Ignites to enemies when we critically strike to gain Her Embrace. Since we will be dealing all of the elements: Cold, Fire and Lightning damage we highly benefit from the Wise Oak Flask and balanced resistances! Finally, we are playing as a Raider to get passive Frenzy Charge generation for Damage and Attack Speed.

Defensively, we are focused around Evasion and Dodge. Evasion is gained from gear and flasks, while dodge is gained from the passive tree and itemization. We also gain a sizeable life pool by making use of a Kaom’s Heart or Belly of the Beast to help avoid one shots whenever possible. In the passive tree, we take Vaal Pact to outleech the negative effects of Her EmbraceWithout Vaal Pact, leech is next to uselessdue to it effectively being halved by the 11% Fire Degeneration. Finally we have a fast movement skill for mechanically dodging, along with Fortify for flat mitigation.

As for playstyle, you simply make use of your movement skill to get to packs of monsters, then Lightning Strike them down. Now after you finish killing a pack, you will take 3 seconds of fire degeneration from Her Embrace buff from the Oni-Goroshi. Sometimes you will be leeching, other times you will be on full life and leech effects will have ended. This means you will either need to use a life pot to counteract the degeneration (since we have no life regeneration with Vaal Pact) or you can simply weapon swap to remove it! (X is the default weapon swap key, just double pressing this works)

For bosses with Lightning Strike and Ancestral Call, you will want to attack in place a few steps back from the target (shift being the default attack in place key). This will cause 1 Ancestral Spirit to trigger on the boss, hitting it with the melee portion of the Lightning Strike whilst you hit it with the Projectiles. This is easily seen working if you can spot the lightning bolt coming down on the target’s head from the Ancestral Spirit!

Now for real endgame bosses, such as Shaper’s Guardians or Shaper, you can swap into a Blade Flurry gem setup on the same Oni-Goroshi. You can also invest in another one for a weapon swap if you prefer that. This will allow you to deal more damage without having to fiddle with positioning.

The Passive Trees and Path of Building Pastebin are included in the Description:

Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly easy and quick to level! As we can use the sword from level 1!
  • Fast & Satisfying Mapping Character
  • Great area coverage, with minimal collision problems thanks to Ancestral Call!
  • Versatile and can make use of many different skills!


  • Can be expensive depending on itemization
  • Requires use of Vaal Pact. This makes Her Embrace & Degenerations annoying when not leeching. However, as mentioned before, you can always weapon swap Her Embrace off!
  • Lightning Strike isn’t the best Single Target (in this setup anyways)

Class & Ascendancy Options

For Class & Ascendancy, we are choosing the Ranger & Raider. The Raider is a great all around ascendancy for scaling generic damage and attack speed. Way of the Poacher provides us a passive method to always be generating Frenzy ChargesAvatar of the Slaughter provides us more bonuses for each Frenzy Charge, on top of the benefits they already provide, as well as another Frenzy Charge! Rapid Assault & Avatar of the Chase for double onslaught effect & more evasion chance. Works out to be more damage and more defense than the other nodes!

For Ascendancy Progression, I would follow this order:

  1. Way of the Poacher
  2. Avatar of the Slaughter
  3. Rapid Assault
  4. Avatar of the Chase

Passive Tree & Progression

We grab the following Keystones in the tree:

  1. Acrobatics – For one point, this keystone provides us with 30% chance to dodge attacks. Since we do not stack armour or block, this is very valuable.
  2. Point Blank – To get the most damage out of our lightning strike projectiles, we take point blank to get up to 50% more damage from these projectiles at close range. This assists in our single target damage.
  3. Vaal Pact – As stated before, this node is required to effectively counter Her Embrace and incoming damage at the same time. It doubles our life leech rate from 23% of maximum life per second to 46% of maximum life per second.

Here is the complete endgame passive tree:

We ensure to grab every Frenzy Charge on the tree, along with general elemental damage, critical strike chance, critical strike multiplier, sword damage and as much life as we can get. Since the Oni-Goroshi does not count as dual wielding or a two-handed weapon, it cannot benefit from those nodes and we must simply get one handed or sword nodes.

I would follow this tree progression into the final tree:

Level 30:

For Bandits, we will be helping Alira, mainly for the Critical Strike Multiplier and Elemental Resistances.

Level 50:

Level 70:


Some useful Pantheons for the build include:


  • Soul of the Brine King – This can be used to avoid being chain stunned, mainly in the scenario of bossing.
  • Soul of Arakaali – This can be used to increase our life recovery rate by 50%, effectively bringing our leech rate to 60% of our maximum life per second. This can be triggered once you end her embrace either when it naturally ends or you weapon swap, and generally will not be active during regular play.


  • Any of the minors can be used depending on the situation.

Gem Links

Here are the following gem links for the build. Support gem links are show in order of importance. Our 6 link will go into our Oni-goroshi. 4 Links can go in Helmet, Gloves or Boots. Gems with set level are either due to their effect not scaling with level or requirement for cast when damage taken.

6 Link

Lightning Strike – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Multistrike – Ancestral Call – Physical to Lightning – Increased Critical Damage

This is the main setup for mapping and it can be place in your 6L Oni-Goroshi! For more serious bosses where lightning strike isn’t cutting it, you can swap to this Blade Flurry link set:

Blade Flurry – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Melee Physical Damage – Maim – Concentrated Effect – Increased Critical Damage

As always, Blade Flurry is a very strong skill and deals very respectable single target damage.

Due to itemization and use of a Kaom’s Heart, we will not have a second 6L in our chest slot. However, if you choose to not use a Kaom’s feel free to place this Blade Flurry setup in there or link up your Ancestral Totem!

4 Link

Herald of Ash – Ancestral Protector – Cast when Damage Taken (level 5) – Summon Ice Golem (level 7)

4 Link

Hatred – Whirling Blades – Faster Attacks – Fortify

As we are going to be using the Tombfist Gloves, we will only have access to 3 links in our gloves.

3 Link

Cast when Damage Taken (level 8) – Immortal Call (level 1) – Increased Duration (level 20)



For our helmet, we will be using a Starkonja’s Head. This is a very cheap unique that provides a high amount of Evasion, Base Life, Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance. It is also a commonly labyrinth enchanted helmet, making it easier to find your respective enchantment on.

Here are some other Unique options:

Rat’s Nest

If you choose to use none of these, you may also make use of a rare helmet with some combination of the listed affixes:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • +# to Intelligence


For the Helmet Enchant, you will want to look for:

40% Increased Lightning Strike Damage

The Peirce enchant is not required, due to Ancestral Call. The Projectile enchant will not work like Molten Strike, as multiple Projectiles cannot shotgun or hit the same target, and they do not increase the angle of spread.


Kaom’s Heart is an excellent choice for our body armour as it grants us much needed base Life as well as %# increased Fire Damage, for which we do a large amount of while under Her Embrace from the Oni-Goroshi.

Here are some other Unique options:

Belly of the Beast

Inpulsa’s Broken Heart

Shroud of the Lightless

Yriel’s Fostering (Ursa)

If you choose to use none of these, you may also make use of a rare body armour with some combination of the listed affixes:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • +# to Strength (Mastercraft for Life)


The Tombfist’s are one of the best choices for this build, and most attack builds, in the Abyss league. These grant Attack Speed, Life, an Abyss jewel socket and Intimidation (an effective 10% more damage). The single socket variant of these is very cheap. Ensure to place a Murderous Eye Jewel in these!

Here are some other Unique options:

Winds of Change

Maligaro’s Virtuosity

If you choose to use none of these, you may also make use of rare gloves with some combination of the listed affixes:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • +# – # Physical Damage to Attacks
  • #% Increased Attack Speed
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances


For boots, I chose to use Atziri’s Steps, as these are good all around defensive boots, providing a high innate Evasion, a decent Life roll, Movement Speed and some more Spell Dodge. I was was also able to grab a pair of these with +1 Frenzy Charge for a reasonable price to add some offense to them.

Here are some other Unique options:

Darkray Vectors – These are the best in slot offensive boots, along with providing some more attack dodge. These are very expensive to get with a +1 Frenzy Charge.

Redblade Tramplers – Decent defensive and offensive boots.

Stormcharger – These can be used, allowing us to drop Physical to Lightning for another support, such as Projectile Physical Attack Damage, converting some of our remaining physical to lightning.

Voidwalker – These are very common and you can get +1 Frenzy Charge on these for cheap. They also provide pierce for your Lightning Strike.

If you choose to use none of these, you may also make use of rare boots with some combination of the listed affixes:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • #% Increased Movement Speed
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances


As mentioned previously, you will want to look for +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges as a corruption on your boots first and foremost over enchantments.


If you can’t get the +1 to Frenzies, you can look for the following Enchantments:

  • Bossing – Damage penetrates 10% of enemy resistances if you haven’t killed recently
  • Mapping – 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Killed Recently


For the belt, you will want to get a Rare belt mainly focusing on Life & Elemental Resistances, due to all of the Uniques we make use of. If you are in the Abyss League, you can get a Stygian Vise belt for the extra Abyssal Jewel socket.

Belt Affix Priority:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • #% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • +# to Strength
  • #% Increased Flask Effects


A rare amulet will be our first option, due to the necessity for Life, Elemental Resistance & Stat requirements. We can also grab some offensive affixes on it as well.

Amulet Affix Priority:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • At least 1 Offensive Affix:
  • #% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • +# – # Physical Damage to Attacks
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • +# to Intelligence/Strength

Here are some optional Uniques if you can fit them in:

Choir of the Storm

Impresence (Conductivity)


Both of our rings will be rare, much like the amulet, focusing on Life, Resistances & Stat Requirements. Offensive affixes can also be grabbed if there is space!

Ring Affix Priority:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • +# to Intelligence/Strength
  • Offensive Affixes:
  • #% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • +# – # Physical Damage to Attacks


And for our weapon, we will of course be using the Oni-Goroshi! A nice and easy pick.


For our flasks, we will be using the following:

  1. Wise Oak – This is a very strong flask for single element penetration and is made even stronger if you manage to balance two or even three elemental resistances!
  1. Diamond Flask – A Diamond is used to bring our critical strike chance up.
  1. Atziri’s Promise – An excellent offensive choice and especially strong for elemental conversion builds as we benefit from both flask affixes!
  1. Stibnite – This is a great defensive flask, greatly increasing your evasion chance by applying blind to nearby monsters.
  1. Life Flask (Divine or Eternal) – Finally, you will want a life flask rolled with increased recovery rate. I recommend an Eternal Flask for this, however I just had a Divine on hand.


As for jewels, I will provide the affix priority for both regular and Abyss jewels.

For regular Jewels we want to look for the following Affixes:

  • #% Increased Physical Damage Swords
  • +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • #% Increased Maximum Life
  • #% Increased Physical Damage
  • #% Increased Attack Speed
  • #% Increased Damage

For Abyss Jewels we want to look for the following Affixes:

  • +# – # Lightning Damage to Attacks (with Swords)
  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • # – # Physical Damage to Attacks (with Swords)
  • Gain #% of Physical Damage as Fire Damage if you’ve dealt a critical strike recently
  • #% Increased Attack Speed if you’ve dealt a critical strike recently

If using an Abyssal Jewel, try to get one with #% chance to gain Onslaught on kill! I forgot to mention this in the video!

Leveling Tips

Leveling this build is very straight forward, but you will need to be aware of your Fire Resistance and use of Life Flasks! Ensure to get your Fire Resistance capped or as close to capped during the entire leveling process, as Her Embrace from the Oni Goroshi will kill you quickly otherwise! Making use of the highest level Life Flasks with Recovery rate can help out a lot as well. Here are some uniques you can make use of while leveling:



Tabula Rasa

Karui Ward

Meginord’s Girdle

Belt of the Deceiver

Wake of Destruction

Thief’s Torment


Winds of Change

Elreon -# Mana Cost jewellery is very useful until we make use of a Thief’s Torment. I highly recommend using this ring as it provides excellent life and mana sustain for your Attacks and Life Pool and allows you to reserve almost all your mana during leveling. Without either of these, you will need a mana flask.

For your gem progression, I recommend the following:

Level 1:

  • Frost Blades – Onslaught – Chance to Bleed – Ruthless

Level 4:

  • Frost Blades – Onslaught – Chance to Bleed – Ruthless – Ancestral Call
  • Ancestral Protector

Level 8:

  • Frost Blades – Onslaught – Chance to Bleed – Ruthless – Ancestral Call – Added Fire Damage

Level 10:

  • Leap Slam

Level 12:

  • Lightning Strike – Onslaught – Chance to Bleed – Ancestral Call – Added Fire Damage – Maim

Level 16:

  • Herald of Ash & Herald of Ice

Level 18:

  • Lightning Strike – Faster Attacks – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Ancestral Call– Added Fire Damage – Physical to Lightning Support

Level 24:

  • Hatred – Wait until use of Thief’s Torment to drop Herald of Ice for Hatred!

From here, you will want to fill out your supporting gem setups and replace support gems in you main links with the ones in the guide. Once you begin to fill out some critical strike within your passive tree, you can drop Added Fire Damage for Increased Critical Strikes whilst you level and swap it for Increased Critical Damage once you get most all of your critical strike investment in the tree!



Playing with Lightning Strike actually turned out to be very fun and satisfying! Mapping with it is a blast and when you get that perfect line up on bosses it deals very respectable damage. Also, the new visuals for it make it feel that much more impactful. I hope that this guide has given you a fresh look at the Oni-Goroshi and perhaps given you your next build. As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one Exile.

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