Path of Exile – THICC JUGG Tank Mk. II – Eternal Lab Farmer – Build Guide Full + Video


Welcome to the guide Exile. If you are looking for a strong, immovable force that can stroll through lab traps, AFK in the face of danger or spend time LEARNING MECHANICS OF ENDGAME FIGHTS #NoDPS, then you have come to the right place! This is, the THICC JUGG Mk II.

As I mentioned in one of my prior videos, I was planning on reworking the THICC JUGG Tank build that I originally made back in 3.0. Since then, there have been many changes to the Ascendancies, Passive Tree and Items, such that we can remake this build even stronger! In this variation of the build, we are keeping many of the same ideas, but swapping almost all of the items and skills around to bring our mitigations, life and damage up! Of course, you can still use the prior iteration of the build if it suits you, as this version will ultimately be a hybrid of the THICC JUGG and JUGG of All Trades.

Remember, the main focus of this build is to be a Tank, or a THICC BOI, and as such we DO NOT focus on damage. The goal is to be an easy to get into Eternal Labyrinth Farmer for new or veteran players that don’t want to worry about mechanics or failure. So we focus on getting a lot of defensive layers and only get as much damage as we need to complete the content this build is geared for: Eternal Lab. As such, we are also considering the budget that is viable for league starting and getting into Lab Farming. That means we will also be looking to use cheap starting items that you can get within the first few days of a league and still be very effective, not multiple exalt items that could make the damage much higher. We just want to be a THICC BOI and work Izaro into submission! However, this build can be taken into the Endgame and complete many of the encounters there just fine, albeit slowly!


As a side note, all of the footage seen is this guide is being done on a 5 Link, keeping it truly budget!


Build Info
All Credits Goes to: Engineering Eternity, the original author of this build & article.



Build Summary

With this iteration of the THICC JUGG, I wanted to amplify the offensive power of the build, while still maintaining the defensive power of it. Somehow, I was able to do both of these things and still keep the build at a reasonable budget! I also wanted to keep the build as cheap as possible for someone starting the league and going right into Labyrinth farming. In the first few days of the league, you can get this build operational to farm Eternal Labyrinth for dirt cheap, only needing a decent Life pool (5k+), Resistances, any 5 Link Armour and a decent weapon. The JUGG ascendancy will take care of the rest!


In this iteration, we are foregoing many of the item choices that we had previously, as we are now not pure physical and bleed focused. We will discuss the all the itemization choices in the gearing section, and speak to the high level offensive and defensive summary here.


Offensively, we will be dropping Cleave as our main skill in favour of Reave & Blade Flurry as there are now more prominent and strong stat stick off-hand weapons that can be used with such skills. As we all know, from my previous few guides, the Elder’s Nebuloch unique weapon is an excellent choice here. Of course if you wish, you can also use other skills such as Vaal Double Strike or Lacerate! The other reason we can move away from Cleave is that we have another way of obtaining Fortify with a “#% Chance to Gain Fortify on Melee Hit” Vaal Corruption, which is fairly easy to obtain on common unique weapons. However, even if you cannot get this corruption right away, you need only put fortify in your movement skill until then.


Just like the previous iteration, we will still be making use of an Ichimonji Sword for the Buff Effect, Reduced Mana, decent damage and of course the commonality of the item leading to a cheaper selection for the Vaal Corruption.


On top of our main skill, we have a Vaal Ancestral Warchief and Flasks to provide supporting damage and utility. Finally, due to the eased gearing in this variation we are able to hit resistance cap without Purities and are able to swap around auras depending on the scenario. This lets us drop our Elemental Purities and turn on Hatred and Herald of Purity for more damage if required.


Unfortunately, due to this change, it is hard to give an exact 1 to 1 comparison of the damage gain since we were initially using a different skill as well as bleeds. But from play experience, the damage is certainly higher. So that covers the Offensive portion, the rest lies in our Defense!


Defensively, we have almost all of the same layers as before with some new additions. So I will list out the previous ones with their alterations and speak to the new ones.


Existing Defensive Layers:

  1. 7 Endurance Charges – Our main mitigation comes in the form of Endurance Charges. These provide a flat 4% physical mitigation per charge. We get a 7 for a total of 28% physical mitigation while they are up. At maximum Endurance Charges, Juggernaut also provides a flat 8% reduced elemental damage taken as well!


  1. Armour – We gain even more physical mitigation through Armour from our gear and doubling our chests armour value, letting us easily hit anywhere between 20,000 – 48,000 armour depending on itemization.


  1. Tukohama & Lunaris Pantheons – Since we are almost always stationary and surrounded by monsters, these Pantheons provide us up to 16% flat Physical Mitigation and 2% Life Regeneration! Very powerful bonuses, with no overhead cost.


  1. Fortify –  Fortify is scaled through Ichimonji and Rampart, providing 25% increased Fortify Effect. This brings Fortify to 25% reduced damage taken.


  1. Arctic Armour – Provides us with 14% less physical damage and 13% less fire damage taken on hit while stationary, with our increased buff effects! This buff is almost always active as we are stationary, and acts almost equivalently to purity of fire for hits in terms of reduction.


  1. Purity of Ice & Lightning – Since we make use of Arctic Armour to reduce Fire damage taken, these purities, combined with Ichimonji sword and aura nodes in the tree, will provide us +5% to Maximum Cold and Lightning Resistance at gem level 20! This is desirable for days when Izaro has many Elemental Buffs.


  1. Enfeeble & Blind – We curse offending monsters with an Enfeeble after we are hit once to reduce their damage and make them less accurate. We also apply blind to our enemies with either our Stibnite Flask or Abyss Jewel. This makes them very unlikely to even hit us, but if they do we have the defenses to back it up!


  1. Life Pool – We make use of a large life pool to be our buffer to eat whatever damage we may take. Depending on Itemization, we can get up to 8,000 life! This not only gives us a big buffer to take any type of damage, but scales our leech and regen speeds relative to incoming damage! Making it very important to go for a big life pool.


  1. Life Leech & Regen – We take the +#% to Maximum Leech Rate nodes in the tree to increase our maximum leech rate to 26% of our Life Pool Leeched per Second. We also gain a lot of passive life regen from the tree and endurance charges for a total of 12% of our Life Regenerated per Second!

New Defensive Layers:

There is really just one new defensive item that provides many defensive layers. And that is the Nebuloch!

    1. Nebuloch – This weapon grants us the following buffs with 7 Endurance Charges:
  • +28% Chaos Resistance
  • 7% Reduced Elemental Damage Taken
  • 35 to 56 Physical Damage
  • +3500 Armour

However, it also has the downside of dealing 200 Fire damage per second per Endurance Charge when you are hit. Luckily, between our Fire Resistance and Life Regeneration, this damage barely does anything and is fully worth it for the benefits we get from the weapon. This weapon does not make or break the build, but provides it a wealth of offensive and defensive power!


With all of these layers put together, we are able to bring our mitigations down even further than before. Here are the defensive stat comparisons between the first iteration of the THICC JUGG and this current one without the use of any flasks against a 6,000 damage physical hit. These numbers represent the % of damage taken from those sources via Hits or Damage over Time.




Even though it is a small gain, we do gain more defenses at the loss of a small amount of regeneration. This is mainly due to the loss of a Kaom’s Way and introduction of a Nebuloch. Physical damage is reduced by an extra ~6%, Chaos by 14% and Elemental by 1%.


The playstyle of the build is quite similar to before, as we will just face tank everything that we can. Of course there will be some more than deadly map modifier combinations or encounters you cannot face tank.


In Maps, you will be using Reave, Lacerate or possibly Vaal Double Strike. Make sure to start and maintain your Blood Rage at all times for the Attack Speed and Frenzy Charge Generation, Leap Slam from pack to pack and use flasks!


For Map Bosses, you can simply swap to Concentrated Effect on area skills (swap Ancestral Call out on Namelock skills), drop an Ancestral and Vaal Ancestral Warchief totem and go to town!


For Eternal Lab or Endgame bosses, you will want to swap to Blade Flurry as your main skill with Concentrated Effect for maximum damage. Using supporting skills such as the Warchief Totems, Blood Rage and Flasks whenever possible.


As talked about in my last few Juggernaut videos, you can now use the Gluttony Belt prior to instanced encounters, such as Izaro, to gain Endurance Charges. This works as the Gluttony Belt triggers a Hit on yourself when you use a movement skill, thus proc-ing the Juggernauts Unflinching Endurance Charge generation. This makes the beginning of these types of fights much safer.


Now onto the rest of the build choices!


The Path of Build Pastebin is included within the Written Script and Description:



There is no question here as to what Ascendancy we are, so let us just cover the nodes that we pick.


  1. Unstoppable – This is an excellent node to not only provide more movement speed, but keep you from ever being slowed below base speed. This ultimately makes you immune to Temporal Chains and many other slows, such as Chill and Freeze!


  1. Unbreakable – Here we get generic reduction, life regeneration and doubling of body armour rating! On top of this, we also get conditional life regeneration based on the amount of physical damage we reduce, which is quite a lot.


  1. Unflinching – The main Endurance Charge generator of the build, along with an extra Endurance Charge.


  1. Unrelenting – One of the most defensive nodes we can get, providing 1% additional physical reduction & +4% to Chaos Resistance to each Endurance Charge, along with 8% reduced elemental damage taken at maximum charges.


Ascendancy progression:

  1. Unflinching
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Unbreakable
  4. Unrelenting

Passive Tree

Here is the final passive tree:


We focus on getting all of the Life within our immediate vicinity, along with each Endurance Charge and applicable damage nodes. Notable at the bottom of the tree, we gather the Aura nodes to ensure we get the +5% to maximum resistance from the elemental purity auras, along with enough reduced reservation to use all of our auras at once. Next to that node we also get the Fortify nodes to increase its effect as much as possible.

Bandits: Kill All

Leveling Trees:

Level 30:

Level 50:

Level 70:




Soul of Lunaris – This is for the extra Physical Mitigation it can provide when in the Izaro fights, as he generally spawns skeletons and other buffs that flood the arena.



Soul of Tukohama – Since we are standing still all the time, this is a great choice to further increase our physical mitigation and life regeneration.

Of course you can swap these up depending on situations.

Gem Links

There are many different options for the main skill selection here. Ultimately you can use any skill that works with a sword, but I will just lay out the ones I feel are best. The gems are listed in order of importance, drop the last gem if you only have a 5 link.


6 Link


Reave/Lacerate Increased Area of EffectMultistrikeMelee Physical DamageMaim Endurance Charge on Melee Stun



Blade FlurryConcentrated EffectMelee Physical Damage Maim Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Chance to Bleed


For serious Bossing and Lab Running we are using Blade Flurry. This can easily be swapped between Reave or Lacerate with the same colors for when you want to map. For map bosses, you can generally just swap concentrated effect into the Reave or Lacerate setup. I have also included a Vaal Double Strike option in the Path of Building.


4 Link

Vaal Ancestral WarchiefBloodlust Melee Physical DamageCulling Strike


Culling strike is excellent for killing off Izaro in the last Aspirant’s Trial of Labyrinth.


4 Link

Leap Slam – Faster Attacks – Blood Magic – Blood Rage


If you cannot get Fortify on your weapon, you can swap it in here for Blood Rage, moving that into one of your weapons.


3 Link – Gloves

Arctic Armour – Purity of Ice – Purity of Lightning


These are placed in a 3 socket set of Tombfists.


3 Link – Weapon

Cast when Damage Taken (level 1) – Enfeeble (level 5) – Summon Stone Golem (level 3)


Here you can swap Enfeeble for Elemental Weakness if you wish to deal a little bit more damage and don’t require the defense.


3 Link – Corrupted Weapon

Hatred, Herald of Purity


Since we intend on getting a corrupted Ichimonji, I generally consider these sockets non-existent for planning purposes. However, finding one with a red and green socket shouldn’t be too hard and you can socket in these auras for when you want to use the more offensive setup over the elemental purities. The only issue with this setup is you cannot weapon swap when using these, so you might want to recolour your gloves if you intend on using these auras in Labyrinth. Otherwise, in general map use, weapon swaps should not be necessary.



As with almost all my builds, and especially league starter builds like this one, you can most certainly start with rares in all slots. Rares are actually great to have in most of the slots on this build! Remember, that if you want to make use of either Defensive or Offensive Aura setup, you will want to gear without the Elemental Purities on.


Main Gear


The main choice for a helmet is a rare with a lot of Life, Armour, Resistances and possibly Intelligence if you can get it. There are not really any great unique helmets to work into this build.

Rare Affix Priority:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • +# to Intelligence
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances


Here is where we can make a big change from the original build. Instead of using a Belly of the Beast, we now have access to Elder Rare Body Armours. These can have #% Increased Life and/or #% Increased Strength along with a bunch of other flat Life modifiers that make them much more powerful than a Belly. Here I ended up with a really lucky Essence of Greed craft that only took me one try! Of course in the beginning of the league, it will be a little bit more difficult to get one of these armour base types at a reasonably high item level right away, so you can then just start with a basic Rare Chest. I highly recommend just looking for a good 5 Link Rare with Life, Armour, Strength and/or Resistances. You can also just buy a Normal Rarity 5 Link base and Essence or Alchemy Orb it a few times to get something usable for very cheap.

Rare Affix Priority:

    1. +# to Maximum Life
    2. +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate


  • #% Increased Maximum Life
  • +/#% Increased Strength


  1. +#% to Elemental Resistances



For the gloves we aim to get Tombfist’s. These are mainly for a damage boost, and can easily be replaced by rares. You will want to socket a Murderous Eye jewel in these to ensure hit enemies are intimidated for the extra damage. If you want to just run Labyrinth, you can also get an Essence of Insanity Crafted pair of gloves to put your Leap Slam in here instead, increasing your leap slam speed.


Rare Affix Priority:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • #% Increased Attack Speed
  • # – # Physical Damage to Attacks
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • Socketed Gems have 16% More Attack Speed



Boots are the usual affair, looking for lots of Life, Movement Speed and Resistances. Movement Speed isn’t fully required, but a nice quality of life for most scenarios.


Rare Affix Priority:

  • #% Increased Movement Speed
  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +# to Maximum Life / +# to Innate
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances


The belt of choice for me is ultimately a rare Stygian Vise with Life and Resistances. This allows us to socket another Abyssal Jewel for more damage, utility and life. If you cannot get a decent Stygian, a regular Leather Belt works just as good! The Perseverance is a great unique alternative.


Rare Affix Priority:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • +#% to Elemental Resistances
  • #% Increased Elemental Damage (with Attacks)
  • +# to Strength


The amulet is a main source of missing attributes for us, along with another great item to get offensive stats on. Look for one with as much life as possible, along with offensive stats such as flat Physical to Attacks, Elemental Damage with Attacks or Strength. If you are able to get an Elder base amulet, you can also look for Physical Gained as Fire Damage and Non-Chaos Damage gained as Chaos!

Rare Affix Priority:

  • +# Dexterity/Intelligence
  • +# to Maximum Life
  • # – # Physical Damage to Attacks
  • #% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • #% of Physical Damage Gained as Fire Damage
  • #% of Non-Chaos Damage Gained as Chaos Damage


The rings are a great way to fill in the rest of our missing Resistance. Also keep an eye out for any remaining stats that you need, along with Life and Offensive modifiers such as Flat Physical Damage to Attacks or Elemental Damage with Attacks.


Rare Affix Priority:

  • +# Dexterity/Intelligence
  • +# to Maximum Life
  • # – # Physical Damage to Attacks
  • #% Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks


Set 1

For our main set of weapons, we will be using the following:


Ichimonji – This weapon provides a decent amount of damage, excellent attack speed, Reduced Mana reserved and Increased Buff Effect! This buff effect can only be sourced from these weapons, and enhances Fortify and any Auras you have. This is also a very common weapon and can be found with the #% to Gain Fortify on Melee Hit corruption.


Nebuloch – This is an excellent offhand for a Juggernaut as we have so many Endurance Charges that are always up to get the buffs from this weapon at all times. I highly recommend getting this weapon as soon as possible, but if you cannot get it, you can always just use any non-sword/claw/dagger weapon in the offhand to ensure that you are dual wielding. You could also start with a cheap Shaper Axe/Mace/Sceptre that has 1 or more affixes of ‘Gain #% of Physical Damage as X Element’.


Set 2

The second weapon set is purely for leap slamming faster within the Labyrinth:


Brightbeak – This weapon has one of the highest local attack speed modifiers on it, increasing the base attack speed of Leap Slam.


Prismatic Eclipse – Ensure to have 3 Green Sockets on this weapon. With 3 Green sockets, this weapon provides 36% Increased Global Attack Speed, which no other weapon can do.


Putting both of these together, you get an incredibly fast Leap Slam to move through any situation. Remember this weapon swap is just for moving around, and not for dealing damage. You will want to swap back to your main setup to fight real enemies, however, many basic enemies in the Labyrinth can be killed with this weapon set.



Here I will go through the final flask choices I have made for the build, but you can certainly start with basic magic utility and life flasks.


  1. Atziri’s Promise – This is a great, cheap flask that can be obtained quite early in the league providing excellent supplementary damage and pushing our chaos resistance to over 30% with a Nebuloch in hand.


  1. Lion’s Roar – A go to for melee builds as it is a pure #% More Multiplier. If you do not like the Knockback, you can always drop this for another flask, but Izaro and many other bosses you will fight cannot be knocked back.


  1. Sulphur Flask – Great for damage and more regeneration whilst we face tank.


  1. Silver Flask – To add some more speed to the build. This flask can be dropped for a more defensive one if you require it, or if you have the Perseverance belt.


  1. Forbidden Taste – Since we get so much life, regular life flasks really do not do much for us. A Forbidden Taste recovers a #% of our life, making it always useful and only deals a small amount of Chaos damage, of which we can mitigate quite easily. I only recommend using this flask once you have your Nebuloch and Final Ascendancy Node, prior to that I suggest a normal divine life flask.



I will show example jewels used in my build within the video and leave the affix priority in the written guide.



There are no required unique jewels, but one required affix on a rare jewel. You will need to get at least one rare jewel with “#% of Physical Damage Leeched as Mana”. This is what will sustain your skill usage after you move on from Mana flasks during leveling. Otherwise, you will want to prioritize #% Life and Attack Speed.


For regular Jewels we want to look for the following Affixes:

  • +#% to X Resistance
  • #% Increased Fire/Physical Damage
  • #% Increased Attack Speed (Dual Wielding/Maces)
  • #% Increased Damage (Area/Projectile)
  • #% Increased Critical Strike Chance

For Abyss Jewels, try and look for life, damage and utility:

    • +# to Maximum Life
    • # – # Physical Damage to Attacks (w/ Swords)
    • #% Chance to Blind Enemies on Hit with Attacks
    • #% Increased Attack Speed


For leveling information, check out the written guide!


Leveling this build can be done just like the Jugg of All Trades, starting with Sunder or Ground Slam using an Axe.


Useful Uniques:


Elreon -# Mana Cost jewellery is very useful until we make use of a Thief’s Torment. I highly recommend using this ring as it provides excellent life and mana sustain for your Cleave and Life Pool and allows you to reserve almost all your mana during leveling. Without either of these, you will need a mana flask


If you are not using leveling uniques, you will want to keep your weapon up to snuff by using the Physical Weapon vendor recipe. This requires a Weapon (Any Rarity), Magic or Rare Rustic Sash and 1 Blacksmith’s Whetstone. Trading these to a vendor will result in returning the weapon at magic rarity with #% Increased Physical Damage. Here you can Augment it for a lucky suffix or use Vagan if you have him to craft attack speed. Do this every few levels with new Axe upgrades if you are unable to find a rare or unique to beat it.


For gem progression, I recommend the following this quick sunder leveling guide:

(I would recommend using Herald of Purity for leveling over Ash in the current patch and Sunder can be directly swapped for Ground Slam)


I recommend swapping over to Reave and Blade Flurry after you are able to get an Ichimonji or decent Corsair Sword. This will be somewhere in the Level 60 range.



With that, you now have your freshly upgraded THICC JUGG to take on the Eternal Lab and whatever else you wish to min-max the build to take on! Lab Traps barely scrape the skin, Argus hits like a wet noodle and Izaro is baffled by your resilience. I hope that this rework has tickled your fancy, and provides even more success! As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one Exile.

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