Path of Exile -Tips to Survive in the Lord’s Labyrinth

Ten tips on how to survive in the Lord’s labyrinth

  1. You need to know that you cannot use portals inside the labyrinth, creating one is possible but once you use it to exit the zone it will disappear and you cannot go back in the zone, then resets and you’ll have to start all over from the beginning so don’t do that.
  2. Don’t be afraid to over level the zone and come back when you are better geared especially if you’re playing hardcore you’re not doing the labyrinth for the sake of experience but rather just to unlock your ascendancy class and farming wins and it’s not worth dying in there to just get it a little sooner.
  3. Make sure to have at least one movement skill ability and at least 15 to 20 percent increased movement speed bonus being able to outrun the traps. It is very important and can make the difference between surviving. As for the movement skills, we should link them to the related support gems that increase their animation speed like faster attacks, leap slam and faster casting for flame and lightning orb.
  4. Do not click the shrines, these shrines can have a multitude of negative effects permanently affecting your character while in the labyrinth making this zone much harder to complete. An example of this is reducing your life and mana regeneration or granting 80% fire resistance to enemy monsters. If you do like to run the risk using the dark shrines can also provide your character with significant buffs such as permanent hundred percent rate change during the labyrinth run or spawning a multitude of items when it comes to it. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to risk it but you should probably not do it the first few times you run the labyrinth.
  5. Make sure to upgrade and craft your flasks before entering the labyrinth, having two to three seething or bubbling flasks makes the run significantly easier. A Granite, Basalt, Quicksilver and even a quartz class can be very useful in the labyrinth as well.
  6. Unless you have a very specific reason for it don’t rush, being reckless will kill you faster than anything else. In the labyrinth furthermore scouting out the various areas in the zone grant you the chance of finding certain items that makes the Izaro fight easier. You can also find secret doors shortcuts and overall just stopping up to get an understanding of the movement patterns of the various traps can be very valuable for your long-term health. I mean casually stepping on each trigger plate and getting impaled from all angles is after all a bad idea.
  7. If you can prioritize getting lots of life regeneration did you can port back to town the only way to refill flasks in the labyrinth is to kill monsters and when there are no monsters you will have no flash charges and running through a zone filled with traps and no way of regenerating your life sucks because of that, life regeneration becomes very useful in the labyrinth.
  8. Make sure to have a single target damage setup for the three Izaro fights as well.  Izaro is in general very tanky and if you use a sub optimal AoE setup you’ll be at a significant disadvantage. There’s furthermore certain elements spawning in the Izaro fights that will have to be dealt with swiftly as they otherwise will carry over to the next encounters with them and make the fights even harder. A single target setup really makes a big difference here.
  9. Since most of the traps in the labyrinth deals physical damage using a ‘Cast When Damage Taken’ – immortal call and Increase duration setup can save your life.
  10. For the final end tenth tip I’m going to tell you to bring any type of totem with you into the labyrinth oftentimes you will want to pass through areas where constant damaging spike shoots from the walls and by strategically placing the totems in front of the spikes you can make them soak the damage and clear the way for you to pass through leaving you unharmed and much safer.

That was the 10 tips from me to you on how to survive in the Lord’s labyrinth. If you have any tips yourself share them below in the comment section.

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