Path of Exile Uber Elder Guide – Simple & Effective

Welcome to the guide exile in this guide we are going to be investigating one of the most difficult encounters in the game. As of the current 3.3 patch and that is of course Uber Elder, not only are we going to be fighting elder but a shaper as well.

Path of Exile Uber Elder Guide

This is gonna be one hectic and messy fight. A big thanks to Don the Crown & Engineering Eternity for this video guide. As discussed in my War for the Atlas guide the elder can be spawned on the atlas by expanding his influence. The dark technical background throughout a subset of maps by completing or killing over 60% of the monsters within the surrounding shaper influenced maps the celestial star backgrounds to spawn uber elder.

It will require that we surround shapers realm with the elders influenced by getting it on each of the shapers Guardians Maps in order to get the elders influence. On the shapers Guardian Maps you will have to gathered all of the memory fragments for Zana including defeating shaper for the final memory fragment which provides the elder orb. Once this has been done and you have opened the lock door within the Templar laboratory. You will be able to have shaper and elder influence on your shaper Guardian Maps. Elder will always spawn on the tier of map that you are currently doing so to make your uber elder spawn easier you’ll want to be completing tier 15 or 16 Maps whilst he is on your Atlas to bring him close to the shapers guardian Maps.

If he is already on your Atlas you can either work up there in the conventional way by completing adjacent shaper Maps or you can remove him from your Atlas and spawn him a new via tier 15 or tier 16 Maps.  A method that currently works as a patch 3.3 and is very cheap is to use your elder orb on a low tier map to make it a tier 16. In this case I used it on graveyard you can then run the regular unshaped version of the map complete it and then it will count as a tier 16 completion and have elder spawn right and positioned for an uber elder spawn.

This may be considered a bug and could be patched in future versions of the game. Now once you have elder influence on a tier 15 you will notice that the shapers realm and adjacent shapers guardian maps have shapers influence on them you’ll now want to complete the shapers guardian map. That is adjacent to the elders influence pulling the elder onto that Guardians map, after that you can complete the two guardian maps to the direct sides of the one with the elders influence on it.

These can be done in any order and we’ll pull the elders influence on them however it can be helpful to do the Hydra last as he has to tear 15 connections that the shaper can push back on finally complete the Last Guardian map with the shapers influence on it. This will then spawn uber elder and his Guardians on the four shapers Guardians Maps, from here if you are to run a shapers fragment set you will still just encounter the regular shaper so you will first have to run the shapers Guardian maps again.

To defeat the elders Guardians and to access uber elder, the best part about these runs is you do not have to worry about the map modifiers affecting the boss. Meaning you can roll them really tough and not have to worry about failure on the Guardian. After the elder Guardians have been defeated you will then be able to encounter uber elder by placing the shapers guardian fragments into the map device as though you’re going to encounter the shaper. However, when you enter, zana we’ll be awaiting with a special device on and you will not have to defeat any of the side bosses prior to the fight, go right into the main portal and a small scene will occur with the elder taking shaper in to his realm.

It is through this elder portal that you will fight over elder the fight occurs in the same x-shaped absence of value and meaning arena that you fight the elder in. Regularly there are no special environmental effects other than those spawned by the bosses themselves. For this guide all of the damage values shown are averaged raw damage values before any mitigation’s have been applied.

This means with physical mitigation or capped resistances, these moves will deal significantly less damage.


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