Path of Exile Witch Build [Skeleton Warriors] Massive Attack Damage

This Path of Exile Witch Build is built for Bossing. The Skeleton warriors can inflict massive damage to bosses & can fairly compete. I will just post recommended items or gears and gem linking guides. This build is great for starters with zero budget and later can scale up to unique & expensive items to improve the character build.

Priority items below posses a special purpose on this build to enhance attack damage, life, survivability, Anti Mana depletion and etc.

T14 Double Beyond Dark Forest

Boss Killing Features:

  • The Shaper’s Guardians
  • Uber Atziri
  • The Elder

Ascendancy Order

  • Invoker > Bone Sculptor > Commander of Darkness > Mistress of Sacrifice

Recommended Gears

Click the Image to Full View.

Gear Set 1 (Priority)

Gear Set 2


GEM Linking Setup


  • Minion Damage Support
  • Melee Splash Support
  • Maim Support
  • Multi Strike Support
  • Minion Speed Support
  • Summon Skeleton


  • Minion Life Support
  • Animate Guardian
  • Increased Duration Support
  • Bone Offeringt


  • Curse on Hit Support
  • Desecrate
  • Ball Lighting
  • Vulnerability


  • Blasphemy Support
  • Generosity Support
  • Hatred
  • Temporal Chains

Rings (Optional)

  • Unset Ring 1 – Clarity
  • Unset Ring 2 –  Summon Stone Golem


Note: Playing this build is bit slow for starters if you have zero budget but as time goes by with the help of some mid level gears, you will experience a fun time playing.

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