POE – Acid Molten Strike Assassin [Shadow Build]

About this Build [Acid Molten Strike Assassin]

This build focuses on Molten Strike & Poison. The build has been already proven to take out an Uber Elder and a Shaper.


Assassin – it is the best choice because of Poison. When used with Multistrike the hit rate would be devastating to anything it hits.

Life & Mana

The build heavily relies on mana & life leech.

Build Features:

  • Cheap gear
  • Can facetank any boss with good gear combination
  • Tanky
  • Can do any maps
  • Can kill a Shaper with less than 10k DPS.

Leveling Gears:

Cheap Unique Item for low levels

Recommended Gears:

  • The Wasp Nest – Very good attack speed and critical chance. Increases the Chaos Damage and Poison Chance. The Life gained on hit is also very good with Molten Strike.
  • Coralito’s Signature – Perfect choice for chaos damage and poison chance.
  • Wildfire – Molten Strike Skill enhancer
  • Thief’s Torment – Insane boost on life leech
  • 6-link body armour, rare, unique or Tabula Rasa – 6 gem link completion
  • Fenumus’ Weave – Insane boost on Damage
  • Volkuur’s Guidance – Enhances damage + fire
  • Lycosidae – Provides more poison duration, damage and life.
  • Well-rolled Stygian Vise
  • blind jewel
  • Enchanted helmet
  • Good Elder rings with life gain on hit
  • Four-stat jewel

Gear – 6 Links

  • Molten Strike
  • Added Chaos Damage
  • Multiple Projectiles
  • Multistrike
  • Ancestral Call
  • Deadly Ailments

Movement Skill

  • Shield Charge
  • Fortify
  • Faster Attacks
  • Arctic Armour

Skill Tree

Click –> Here

Final Note: This is a simplified build guide to help you start. It is recommended to experiment your own version of the build, starting with items and skill tree. You will start to understand and learn your character much better a long the way.



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