POE – Ancestral Warchief Guide [Gem Link Setup]

This Guide is to show the standard Ancestral Warchief gem link set up in order of importance. It will also give a short explanation to why?

Let’s begin with the easily obtained for link keep in mind this is a great beginner and solo self found skill, quickly remember that Ancestral Warchief will gain 20% increased damage at 20% quality.


The first gem we’re going to apply is the Melee physical damage, very simply this is just a large damage multiplier and at 20% quality another 10% increased damage.

From there you have faster attacks at 20% quality you get another bonus 10% attack speed. Even though Ancestral Warchief has a 10% less attack speed multiplier this will grant a large increase to damage especially when your gear is low.

The gem can be replaced with less duration once you have high attack speed from gear and the passive tree added fire at 20% quality gives another 10% increased fire damage a large boost to your total damage but it is often cut down heavily due to enemy resists. This is a great damage support but do not let the tooltip DPS fool you consider removing this gem during elemental reflect Maps from there you have access to two notable 5 link weapon.

Elemental damage will scale your added fire hatred aura and Herald of ash it becomes a powerful fifth link once you have the sources available remove this gem when doing reflect Maps at 20% quality it’ll give you a further 10% increased damage melee physical on full life. This gem will give you the damage bonus if you have maximum life even if your totems have taken damage though this has a great multiplier to the Ancestral Warchief, depending on your region and the modifications on the map.

You can fairly frequently dip below 100% and thus it doesn’t give you any damage you gain another 10% increased melee damage at 20% quality for your 6 link. You will change between these two gems, concentrated effect for bosses. This is a huge damage bonus to kill them quickly but you do sacrifice quality of life and range this is only pro bosses at 20% quality you get another 10% increased damage.

For the general map clear, increase effect will be the most significant improvement for the 6 link. It assists the totems hit more mobs and your totems will overlap to increase their damage you’ll gain another 10% increased area of effect at 20% quality for the less duration gem. You do not want quality once you have gained a large amount of attack speed from gear and the passive tree. There just maintaining Val haste. The Less duration will offer more damage than the faster attacks. It will bring your totem time from 12 seconds base to 6 seconds.

Realistically, everything should be dying or moving out of the totem range within those 6 seconds & hopefully this helps you start out an ancestral Warchief build.

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