POE Betrayal 3.5 – A beginner’s Guide to Path of Exile!

Hey Guys! This is a beginner’s guide to path of exile “Betrayal 3.5”.

Now for a lot of new players be they coming from Diablo 3 or completely new to the action RPG genre. path of Exile can be a difficult and at times overwhelming game so hopefully this video can help make that journey or dare I say path a little less daunting.

Alright let’s quickly begin with one aspect of character creation which is picking your league and picking either hardcore softcore or solo self found. So, first off solo self found is an option that makes it so that you cannot trade or party with other players and if at any point you change your mind you can convert it to a normal character but you can’t go back to solo sell found next between standard or challenge League.

Well think of season versus non season in Diablo 3 or ladder versus non ladder in Diablo to a new challenge League is a fresh start and in path of Exile, new challenge leagues often introduce new content and new sweeping mechanics for instance we had bestiary League which allowed you to capture critters add them to your stable and unlock crafting recipes. A little bit like Pokemon and then we had delve League as well this year which basically introduced a massive dungeon to explore to delve league lasts about three months and once a league ends your character gets converted to standard League.

Watch This is a beginner’s guide to path of exile “Betrayal 3.5”


Then your next option is to create a hardcore character or not and hardcore behaves very differently in path of Exile than it does in the Diablo series. In Diablo, a hardcore character means that once your character dies it’s dead forever gone all your progress is lost whereas in path of Exile upon death your hardcore character is converted into a standard soft core character regardless of whether he was a standard League hardcore or a challenge League hardcore character, so none of your progress is lost but you can no longer play with the hardcore cool kids. Watch the video for the complete guide.

All Credits to: Rhykker from Youtube


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