POE BUILD – MF Windripper Lightning Arrow / Tornado Shot Ranger (High Attack Damage)


Ranger – MF Windripper Lightning Arrow / Tornado Shot – Ideal for farming, cheap, fast level up and can clear up a map in no time. This build also can greatly help you stack up currency and unique/rare items quickly. The only problem is on higher levels, please read below.

Possible cons:

  • Elemental reflect.
  • Evasion – on higher levels, monsters attack damage is huge and evasion stats alone cannot avoid high damage attack. Good armor set with good evasion is a must.


Helm – Example: RARE – Ghoul Visor Deicide Mask – Rare items really helps a lot in this build. Try to also hunt for a helm with extra Barrage projectile or increased Lightning Arrow damage.

  • Cast When Damage Taken Support
  • Immortal Call
  • Increased Duration
  • Wrath

Body Armor – The Belly of the Beast grants you a lot of HP and movement speed. It will help you clear monsters fast.

  • Lightning Arrow / Tornado Shot
  • Elemental Damage With Attacks Support
  • Mirage Archer Support
  • Ice Bite Support
  • Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
  • Added Cold Damage Support


Gloves – The main goal here is to get to 16% roll on the gloves, if you can get higher than that then use it, every percent is important.

  • Herald of Ice
  • Curse on Hit Support
  • Assassin’s Mark
  • Onslaught Support


Boots – This maybe expensive but worth it.

  • Summon Ice Golem
  • Minion Life Support
  • Vaal Haste
  • Blink Arrow


Two Handed Weapon – This is just an example of a good weapon, it is expensive. You can also try other weapons and look for higher critical and elemental damage.

  • Barrage
  • Added Lightning Damage Support
  • Ice Bite Support
  • Elemental Damage With Attacks Support
  • Elemental Focus Support
  • Added Cold Damage Support


  • Instant Recovery Life Flask with Freeze removal
  • Instant Recovery Life Flask with Bleed removal
  • Silver Flask / Atziri’s Promise
  • Surgeon’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
  • Divine Mana Flask

POE – Skill Tree

The combination/placement of gems and also the items mostly dictate the power of your character. Your skill tree build also a factor to achieve it so use your points wisely.

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