POE Build – Raging Spirit Witch (The Necromancer)

Raging Spirit Witch (The Necromancer)

Build Pros

This build is fairly cheap, safe build, fast monster clearing and a lot of HP. Minions will posses a lot of attack damage and your skill effect duration can increase at least up to 75-80%.

The possible cons in this build. 

  • A lot of mana is required. (Mana Hungry)
  • Sometimes minions are dumb. I hope it will be fix on the next patch.

Gem Setup

Helm – Ex. Bone Helmet – +2 to level of socketed minion gems,+ to (HP) maximum life, +resistances, + %increased energy shield.

Gem socket – 4

  • Raise Zombie
  • Fortify Support
  • Minion Life Support
  • Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support

Body Armor – Belly of the Beast – Increased Armour, increased maximum Life  & all Elemental Resistances. Enough to boost armor.

Gem socket – 4

  • Cast when Damage Taken Support
  • Increased Duration Support
  • Immortal Call
  • Enfeeble

Gloves – Veruso’s Battering Rams.

  • increased Attack Speed
  • increased Armour
  • increased Movement Speed
  • increased Stun Duration on you
  • increased Melee Damage per Endurance Charge
  • You cannot be Shocked while at maximum Endurance Charges

Gem socket – 4

  • Vaal Haste
  • Increased Duration Support
  • Enduring Cry
  • Flame Dash

Boots – Two-Toned Boots – Resistance ( You can select from Fire, lightning and cold.)

  • increased movement speed
  • to maximum life
  • resistances

  • Haste
  • Clarity
  • Desecrate
  • Flesh Offering

Weapon – Pledge of Hands

  • 18% Chance to BlockSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 30 Spell Echo
  • (120-160)% increased Spell Damage
  • 100% increased maximum Mana

Gem socket – 6

  • Summon Raging Spirit
  • Minion Damage Support
  • Spell Echo Support
  • Multistrike Support
  • Melee Splash Support
  • Melee Physical Damage Support

Note: You can try other items but look for similar stats, it will help your character a lot.

SKILL TREE – High Resolution


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