POE – ExileRoutine v99

Download ExileRoutine – An Advanced Combat Routine For Exilebuddy

Have you heard about ExileBuddy? It is a bot use for Place of Exile, well heading back to ExileRoutine. It is a modified version of EB “Exilebuddy” and been enhanced to improve the performance of combat routine.

All credits goes to – Naut @ exileroutine.freeforums.net


ExileRoutine Version #99 – Free Version

They also offer a Subscription Benefits. Check out below.

Additional Subscriber Benefits:
Additional combat routine features
Multiple core bot file tweaks for improved performance
Multiple programs for improved performance
Edited game files for improved performance

Private Plugins:
Custom Alcor’sPlayerMover – heavily edited for improved performance
Alerter – sound notifications when masters are present, you recieive a message etc
Botspeed – allows you to alter the core tickrate of the bot
ChickenPro – Kill the port of PoE to disconnect rather then using ingame logout. This will avoid the issue of still dieing even after you have disconnected which will usually happen.
ChickenToTown – Use town portal to your hideout instead of logging out!
ChanceYourDrops – Choose up to 4 item base types on which you will use a chance orb upon finding.
Masters – complete all master missions
VaalYourDrops – use a vaal orb on specified drops

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