POE – Get Craiceann’s Carapace [Greater than Belly of the Beast]

The Craiceann’s Carapace is a unique body Armour that provides a 300-350% increased armor, huge amount of Hp or life, a bleeding immunity and a Level 20 Aspect of the Crab Skill. Yes, this item is more better than the Belly of the Beast. The stat speaks for itself.

Aspect of the Crab

An aspect skill that generates a barrier every .5 sec. that provides you a physical damage reduction. The barrier is lost if you are taking physical damage.

How to get Craiceann’s Carapace?

According to path of exile gamepedia, the item is exclusive to the Bestiary leagues and only drop at ‘Craiceann, First of the Deep‘. Yet, some sell this item from different league for example DELVE League. I don’t know how they got it but the good news is we can acquire it by buying. There are many online sites for you to buy or you can trade game currency to get it.

How to get 6 linked Craiceann’s Carapace?

Either buy the item or use your game currency. The price of the 6 linked is expensive, from $16 to 20$ but it is recommended to search some sites that offers cheaper and legit to avoid scam. You can also use your game currency if you do not have the money to buy and trust your luck.

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