PoESkillTree v2.7.7 [3.4.0 Skill Tree Data] – Download


  • Import build URLs from:
    • PoEBuilder
    • PoE Planner
    • PoEURL
    • TinyURL
  • Export build to PoEURL link
  • Character Sheet: DPS and Defensive calculations
  • Tree comparison: Compare current tree with the tree of a saved build
  • Search the tree
    • Search by text through the field in the bottom bar
    • Search by attribute name through the context menus of attributes in the “Attributes” sidebar
    • Find similar nodes by hovering over a node while holding down Shift
  • Group attributes: Manage groups through the context menu of attributes. Enter a # as part of the group name and it will sum the attributes in the group.
  • Show all changes to attributes when skilling a node: click View -> Show summary of changes or press Ctrl+G
  • Equipment
    • Accessible by clicking on “Equipment” in the top right corner
    • Change your character’s equipped items
    • Change socketed gems of items (double left click or right click the item)
    • Organize imported and crafted items in a stash
    • Import character inventories and stash tabs
    • Craft rare and unique items
    • Inventory is saved per build, stash is shared between all builds
  • Build organization
    • Builds are organized in folders
    • Drag&Drop builds to reorder them and move them between folders
    • Edit name, note, account and character name by right click -> Edit
    • Builds are saved as individual files. Open the root folder by clicking File -> Open build directory. Edit the location in Edit -> Settings -> Build save path.
    • Share build files with others:
      • Share the build file itself: Others can import it by opening the file with PoESkillTree (double click the file).
      • Share the build file as text: Copy a build (press Ctrl+C or right click -> Copy) and paste it somewhere. Others can then copy the pasted text and paste it into the program (select a build or folder in PoESkillTree and press Ctrl+V or right click -> Paste).
    • Check the context menu of builds for more options
  • Let PoESkillTree help you in creating trees:
    • The Skill Tree Generator can create trees based on constraints set by you. Go to Nodes -> Skill Tree Generator to find out more.
  • Hotkeys
    • To see available hotkeys, go to Help -> Hotkeys or check the menu/context menu entry in question.
  • GUI
    • Hide sidebars
    • Ability to choose color theme (View -> Theme and View -> Accent)

Download & Install Instruction


  1. Go to the link below.
  2. Download
  3. Portal: choose the zip file
  4. Installer: choose the exe file
  5. Unzip/Install it to a location of your choice
  6. Start PoESkillTree.exe




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