Reduce Lag in Android Games – Best Working Methods

You’re playing your game perfectly fine and enjoying but then the game lags and you lose your opportunity to win. Lag in video games is very frustrating and that’s why may of us are looking at ways on how to reduce or eliminate lag in playing Android games today. But you cannot eliminate lag at all, you can just reduce the lag to improve your gaming experience.

There are more reasons why you experience lag and we’re going to discuss ways to reduce lag in your game.

What is Lag?

You can tell Lag if you are experiencing stuttering or being unresponsive and having a delay connection to the server. It can irritate you when you play and sometimes make you quit. This is also a common problem on Android Games especially online.

Best Working Methods


Drop The Game Resolution:

High game resolution improves graphics but it consumes your device resources heavily. It will result to weird stuttering and screen freezing. To Fix this, drop your resolution until you experience smoother frame rate. It will also help your smartphone save battery power.

Offline Mode

If the game can play offline, It is  highly recommend that  the Wi-Fi and mobile data be turned off because background apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc are always accessing Internet to update notifications. It will consume system resources that will result to lag.

Anti-Lag App

Anti lag apps like game boosters will help you shut down unnecessary processes to clear up memory and your smartphone will have more resources for your game. It will result to smoother gaming experience.

Task-Killer App

More task running in the background will eventually result to lag and will highly consume your system resources especially memory. To resolve the problem, you may want a task killer app that will help identify which app consumes most. You do not have to kill them all, just eliminate the resource hungry app.

Update the Game

Updating your game will help to resolve lag issues. Game developers frequently monitoring and giving updates to fix bugs and improve the game.

Upgrade Hardware

Modern games requires more resources. A new smartphone will greatly improve your gaming experience. Modern smartphones today are featured pack but please select the one with features exclusively for gaming.

NOTE: This article is just a short guide to solve your game lag problems on Android Games/Phones.

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