Repairing Corrupt Game Data Files [Tutorial] Easy

Simple Tips on “How to Repair Corrupted Game Data Files”.

This kind of download problem usually occurs upon completion of the downloaded torrent & more often on game files. To fix this issue, the method below can help you a lot.

Often when we download some game files from internet they get corrupted. It forces us to re-download the whole game again or to download that file only again. But we can easily repair them with Utorrent.

  1. Get a torrent with file which got corrupted.
  2. Start downloading the torrent (Only the Corrupted file) to create download directory.
  3. Then stop the torrent, minimize it and paste your corrupted Game Data File into the Torrent download directory.
  4. Then right-click on the torrent and click on FORCE RE-CHECK option.
  5. It will take some time to compare your file with the torrent hash and it will detect whats missing in the file.
  6. Let the download finish & your file is good to go.

This method also works on FIXING  ISdone.dll – ERROR.

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