Surviving Tukohama – GUIDE & Strategy

How to Defeat Tukohama 

Upon sailing back to Wraeclast with Lily, you will arrive back in Lioneye’s Watch  and you will now notice many things have changed since your last visit in Wraeclast. There are new structures, zone layouts and enemy types for the beginning of this act. You will want to ensure that you have capped or close to capped fire resistances as the Tukohama Warriors and scorching rate totems steal a lot of damage.

Now, to be in your journey through Act 6 you will want to exit to the coast much like the coast lay out in Act 1, you’ll want to follow to the right-hand side of the zone making your way up and down a cliff side to the Way-point, tag the Way-point and continue into the mud flats. In the mud flats you will want to head up to the top right of the zone and kill the Dishonored Queen, she simply makes use of a following fire projectile that creates a fire damage over time ground effect, once you kill her you will gain a key The Eye of Conquest that will grant you access to the next zone. Head up to the top left of the zone on the guide map to find a large red door that leads to The Karui Fortress, here you will first the map (Center) that will bring you to your first Minor god encounter, Tukohama, Karui God of War.

It is recommended to have the following capped fire resistance and above 1500 effective HP he will perform the following moves:

  1. A melee attack – this is a basic melee attack that deals moderate damage.
  2. Sunder – a red swirl will appear around Tukohama as he brings his flame and powered weapons into the air, he will then slam them down onto the ground creating a Sunder wave that summons a total of 5 totems, one at each wave explosion. These totems will then cast two small fire explosions around them before spawning these totems are invulnerable you want to sidestep this moves as soon as you see Tukohama wind-up.
  3. Slam – Tukohama will mark the ground with a large decorated red circle twist up into the air and return down slamming the marked area. This causes a large explosion as well as summoning four ancestral protector totems around it, these totems can be destroyed, you will want to move out of this marked area so as you see it then avoid or destroy the
    summon totems.
  4. Summon totemsTukohama will raise his weapons into the air and summon four green totems as well as mark a simple red circle on the ground, the totems will then bombard this circle with fire projectiles for a total of 12 seconds, these totems can be destroyed do your best to keep out of these marked grounds or take down the totems.
  5. Invulnerability – at 50% life Tukohama will summon four blue totems at the outer edges of the arena that will grant him a blue shield making him invulnerable. You will have to kill these four totems to begin damaging him again. Kill these totems as quickly as possible.
  6. Scorching Ray Totem – in the center of the arena there is a large totem that casts a spell “scorching ray” and slowly tracts the player at a constant speed. Scorching ray will apply a fire damage over time tracks burn as well as a debuff that will lower that player’s fire resistance. This totem cannot be damaged or killed, you want to keep mobile around the arena and avoid this ray at all costs. After you defeat Tukohama, SIN will come down and introduce you to your first Pantheon power, this system provides you minor in defensive bonuses that you can swap between when you are in a town or a hideout you will unlock more of these as you complete the rest of the acts.

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