The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Never play Gwent Cards, Am I Missing Anything?

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To be straightforward, I didn’t care for gwent at first. Card games destroys my patience in reality. I tried though & however I never won , less care for me & did not mind it at all. I simply needed to get past the primary story. Since I recognize what will occur. I started to learn gwent & I’m surprised!  It’s so much fun.


There are some side stories with Gwent, including the questline that will give you some amazing silver sword in Blood and Wine.

There are likewise some extraordinary discussion that you may miss on the off chance that you didn’t pursue the Gwent story.

I love to complete quests, so I attempted to complete every one of the missions in the amusement. I need to state, CDPR gives an equivalent consideration regarding subtleties for each mission they planned.

Is the Gwent journeys and storyline justified, despite all the trouble? totally.


In case you’re a trophy seeker, the cards are important, two trophies are straightforwardly identified with Gwent. In the event that you aren’t playing for trophies, and you aren’t getting a charge out of Gwent, you won’t miss anything critical by not playing.

By and by, I didn’t waste time with it on my first play, I didn’t at first comprehend it so I didn’t attempt it till I played again on my high trouble play throughs. When I understands it however, I was snared, I even began another diversion so I could gather every one of the cards again as I found a great deal of the Gwent. I played in the late amusement was excessively simple as I had gathered a ton of stunning cards at that point.


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