Top – Error Fixes for NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 PC

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 is now released for PC and get ready to take advantage of the totally revamped battle system and prepare to dive into the most epic fights you’ve ever seen . STORM series has always come up with good number of issues that did not let the gamers install/play the game. I have put up this guide to solve few of the prominent errors prevailing in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate ninja storm 4 PC version. If you have any error/ crash/bug that isn’t discussed here, head back to the comments section and post it right there. I’ll look into it and come up with a reply as soon as possible.

# Main menu lags fix:

It’s been said that the main menu is lagging during the start of the game. To solve the problem, just unplug the unwanted USB devices and reboot your PC.

# Severe Lag issues and very LOW FPS issues in NSUNS4 fix:

Various forums related to the game are all filled with “low fps issues”. We have few workarounds that can probably solve the lag issues

Method 1

In this method will work only for Nvidia GPU users.If you are a Nvidia GPU user,then go to nvidia control panel.To open it,just left click anywhere on the Desktop and select Nvidia Control panel.

*After opening “Manage 3D settings”, change the GPU performace to the highest.

Also, set high priority to the game in Task manager.

Method 2: Change the Values in INI file

  1. Find the NSUNSR.ini file in the root directory and change it’s values as given below.Before making any changes,make sure that you backed up the file because sometimes it may get corrupted.



You can change the frame rate value to more like 30,40…..

Method 3: Update the drivers

Updating the drivers of your GPU can definitely increase your FPS to great extent.

# Black/ White screen while opening the game : 

The most preferred workaround is updating your Drivers. I don’t know why many people neglect this. Drivers are must for running latest software/games on your PC. Drivers make your Hardware detect the software and hence give maximum performance.

# Naruto Shippuden :Ultimate ninja storm 4 has stopped working

The most recommend solution for solving this problem is “clearing the junk” in your PC. Junk includes registry errors, unwanted files etc. To clean your PC, we recommend the world’s best software “CCleaner“. I think Ccleaner doesn’t require any introduction as most of you know it.

  • Download it from here
  • After downloading it, perform a complete system scan with it.
  • Solve all the registry errors

Now, get back to the game.

# Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Crashing issues fix:

You can most probably solve it by installing latest drivers for your hardware since the crashing issues are caused due to driver conflict most of the time. If you do not know how to do it, we recommend you to use Driver Booster 3 by IObit (Freeware that updates drivers by one click.).

#DLL crash on startup fix:

DLL errors are quite annoying and even more prevalent. When you download the game for hours and install it for few more hours and finally end up with a dll error, it really really hurts bad. However, you can solve the errors simply (literally, very simple) by pasting those missing dll files in the game root directory.

# How to change language in Ultimate Ninja storm Revolution 4:

  • Go to control panel and open “Clock, Language and Region”
  • Now, open region tab and open “adminstrative” tab
  • In the interface, change the language for non-unicode programs to your desired language

#DirectX error Ultimate Ninja storm PC:

Make sure that you have latest version of the DirectX on your PC and also updated the drivers recently.

# FPS drops issues in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PC fix:

1. Type MSConfig in your windows search bar.

2. In the System Configuration, checklist the box next to “Use original boot configuration”.

3. Press the Apply button then OK and Restart your computer.

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