Tutorial on How to Remove Sponsored Ads from uTorrent

uTorrent has recently introduced sponsored ads from version 3 of its torrent applications. What many people don’t realize is that these ads are optional and can be disabled in the preferences, so just follow these few steps and you will be able to enjoy the latest version of uTorrent, without those ads!

1. Open the uTorrent application.


2. Click “Options” and then select “Preferences” from the menu bar at the top of the page.


3. Select the “Advanced” option from the list on the left hand side of the preferences window.


4. You will see a box with a long list of advanced options in the center of the window, from this list, scroll down and click to highlight “gui.show_plus_upsell” – or use the filter function to find it.


5. Below the box, there is an option to change the value to either “True” or “False”. Select the “False” value. (This option disables the square ad in the bottom left corner of the application.)


6. Scroll down the list even further, and click to highlight “offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled” and again, select the “False” value below the box. (This option disables the banner ad which appears at the top of your torrent list.)


7. Similarly set to false the following options (or check that they are set to false): “offers.left_rail_offer_enabled”, “offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled”, “gui.show_notorrents_node”, “offers.content_offer_autoexec”.

8. Click “OK” and then exit the uTorrent application from the File menu, or right-click the uTorrent logo in the tray and select “Exit”, to close it fully.


9. Open the uTorrent application and enjoy using uTorrent without those annoying ads!



Note that in uTorrent 3.2.3 the options are slightly different than the first options shown in the screen shots above “sponsored_torrent_offer…” is now under “offers.sponsored_torrent_offer…”.

Note that uTorrent closes to tray by default when ‘x’ is pressed. uTorrent needs to completely shut down in order for this to take effect.

Also, i suggest to disable default check at “Automatically Install Update” in general section, it may not seems much but if you download torrents from privates sites may save you some REALLY UGLY RAGE, be cause usually those sites ban all torrent clients and all versions then only allow a small list … so, after an auto-update you may NOT be able to download anything


Be careful when modifying the advanced options in uTorrent, as modifying the wrong options can result in problems with the application.

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